The Real Estate Contract

If you are buying or selling a home in Georgia, the details of the transaction will need to be in the form of a written contract. In Georgia, most residential real estate contracts are negotiated and prepared by real estate agents using forms that have been approved by Georgia Association of REALTORS®. If there is not a real estate agent involved in the transaction, then you should contact a real estate attorney for assistance in drafting your real estate contract.

In order to be enforceable in the state of Georgia a real estate contract, at a minimum, should include the following: Written, Names of All Parties, Description of the Property, Purchase Price, Agreement to Buy and Sell, and a Closing Date. This is just a minimum to create an enforceable contract. If you do not wish to use a licensed Real Estate Agent, please contact our Law Firm to draft a more detailed and complete contract to protect your legal rights.

Services include:

  • Researching and Preparing title work.
  • Completion of title work including searches, discovery and resolution of liens and clearing of title.
  • Representation at closing.
  • Recording documents and policies.
  • Preparation of loan documents.
  • Ensuring compliance with Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA).

From title order to closing table, and after. Capable of smoothly and efficiently handling all your real estate closing needs.

Preparing For Closing

Tips and Resources to read before your closing.

Closing Checklists

First time home buyer, or seasoned professional, our Closing Checklists make closing a breeze.

If you are not sure what services you need regarding your residential real estate transactions, contact our firm for an initial consultation. Jason B. Lingerfelt, Attorney at Law, will guide you through the process and help you decide which services you need.